Trendy Indian Scarf

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The Indian scarf, a vibrant accessory, showcases rich cultural heritage through intricate patterns and vivid colors. Worn with traditional and contemporary attire, it adds a touch of elegance and ethnicity to any outfit, reflecting India’s diverse and artistic textile traditions.

  • Size: 70×200 / As per Requirement
  • Material: Rayon/Pashmina /As per requirement
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: SNI/ As per Requirement
  • Special Feature: Handloom
  • Price: Upon Request


The Indian scarf, a testament to the country’s artistic textile traditions, is a vibrant accessory that seamlessly blends cultural heritage with contemporary style. Adorned with intricate patterns and vibrant colors, it serves as a versatile complement to both traditional and modern attire. Whether draped gracefully over shoulders or wrapped as a headscarf, it adds a touch of elegance and ethnicity. This accessory not only showcases India’s diverse cultural tapestry but also represents the craftsmanship and creativity embedded in its rich history of textile artistry.

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Weight .200 kg

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  1. Wan So Lee

    GreaT Value for money product.

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